A Few of My Favorite Things (2014)

I’m so excited to be wrapping up 2014 in a few weeks because I am really proud that i listen. i watch. will then be wrapping up its first year. It started as a tiny idea, and we have had fun writing about and sharing our love this past year. We have a few new ideas and goals for 2015 so bring it. I have to take a moment and thank Kat, Jeremy, Jason, and Monika for contributing to the site in the last year. You are superstars, and I am so glad to have you as friends (and, well, one of you as a husband). And I don’t know how many people will come across this particular post, but if you are reading it, or if you have read anything we’ve written, or shared anything we’ve written, I love you and I thank you.

I’ve asked everyone to come up with some of their favorite 2014 moments. I’m starting, and they are below! Enjoy!

Favorite Song: Nickel Creek – “Hayloft”

Hands down, my favorite music moments of this year were as follows: 1) Nickel Creek announces new album, 2) announces tour, 3) I get tickets to tour, 4) I FINALLY SEE NICKEL CREEK. Nothing may ever top that night for me. And while the standout lead single “Destination” is a resounding Nickel Creek Will Always Be Perfect song, I actually favor their cover of Mother Mother’s “Hayloft.” It actually wasn’t until I saw them perform it live that I fell for it, but it’s been a pretty satisfying love affair ever since. Much like their cover of “Toxic” before it, “Hayloft” is a fun song made BRILLIANT through the Nickel Creek lens. Now, dance with me. G-g-g-g-g-g-g!

Favorite Album – Willie Watson, Folk Singer Vol. 1

Folk Singer Vol. 1 starts out with a single strum, followed by Willie’s voice delivering the first words of “Midnight Special,” naked and clear and ancient and new. I have listened to his version of this song about 500 times this year, and those opening moments still transport me inside the song, and I do not come out until it is over. Each song that follows has a similar effect. You get guitar, you get banjo, you get Willie interpreting classic folk songs, you get Dave Rawlings’ production, you get MOVED. If you happen to be like me and spend most of your life winding through the West Virginia hills, there’s very little out there that will accompany such a life any better. (Fingers crossed on that Vol. 2 coming soon, though.)

You can actually listen to the whole album over on Willie’s Youtube channel. So do that, but then you should purchase it because you will want to weave this album into all the moments of your life, not just while you are at your laptop. Shine on.

Favorite Beyonce Moment

Everything. My reputation, for sure, is of one who hangs out at the crossroads of country, folk, Southern rock, and bluegrass. But even that intersection is in Beyonce’s world, ya’ll. I. Love. Her. Haaaaaay, Ms. Carter.


Favorite Movie

I saw exactly one 2014 movie. And it was the only one I needed to see.



Favorite iliw Pieces

This was hard.

Kat’s Troll 2 travel piece is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. Have you watched Troll 2? Yes, then you will giggle with glee as you read. No? Then this will make you want to watch it. I mean, TRAVEL TO NILBOG. Read it!

In 2014, Jeremy finally gave in and jumped into the world of Star Trek. His piece on that jump is about Star Trek, but it is also about the loneliness of the new discovery of something old and redefining your own geekiness. Read it!

Jason is a Dolly superfan so his piece on two of Dolly’s best-known love songs is full of adoration, history, and anecdotes. Read it!