The goal of i listen. i watch. is to share the experiences of listening to music and watching television/movies. This is a not a typical review site. You will not find critics here, nor grades or scores. The essays you find here are written to allow you, the reader, to tap into another person’s connection with a particular song, artist, show, or movie. We all experience media differently, and rather than throw our arms up and say, “To each their own!” our mission with this site is to build a cumulative understanding of the things that get us excited. Each story we consume begets a story of our own.

A lot of current writing on media falls under quick recaps that are condensed and boil down to bullet points and immediate thoughts OR in depth reviews by traditional critics evaluating media when it is first released.

i watch. i listen. won’t shy away from being “late” to the discussion. Writers are free to write about living with their thoughts/reactions for at least a couple of days or a week. This isn’t where you go to hear things first. It’s where you go when you can’t stop thinking about something.