Amanda’s 2015 Resolution – Exercise More Horror

Our site is based a lot on what we individually love and relate to. Of course, we all have pop culture we either hate (maybe even unreasonably) or don’t “get.”

So, we have all resolved to give something a second chance in 2015. As the year progresses, we will write updates on how these resolutions are going. (Read Jeremy’s resolution hereJason’s resolution here, and Kat’s resolution here.)

Movies – Amanda

I am going to give horror movies a second chance. Admittedly, I haven’t really given them a single chance. We’ve flirted off and on, but I never call them back.

Most of those flirtations are just a blur of short scenes from horror movies that I either snuck glances at while my older brothers watched or I flipped to when I had a moment alone with the television. I have seen random bits of edited-for-tv versions of The Shining, Pet Sematary, and indeterminable Halloween and Friday the 13th volumes. I remember a whole group of brothers and cousins watching Night of the Living Dead downstairs one Halloween night, yelling in fear, and laughing at one another’s jumps. I wanted to be involved, but I wasn’t allowed!

The Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer franchises were big when I was in middle school, and I did manage to see a couple of those because my older brother was really cool and took me to see them. But even those are relatively tame because the culprits are people.

My early life was centered around a lot of religious rhetoric about the constant threat of THE DEVIL, so even though I have long been old enough and independent enough to watch more horror movies, I have always been too afraid. My husband knows that the mere mention of possession will either make me recite prayers or jump to my phone to Google image search puppies. It’s funny, but it also isn’t. I am terrified of evil forces and monsters, even though realistically I know that evil is usually moving about us in very wise and vague ways haunting our angry passions and running our corporations, not coming to us as nightmare-haunting monsters.

freddie krueger

Kat has actually piqued my interest more than usual in the horror genre in general with her piece on American Horror Story and with a series of stories she’s writing that she’s let me read. I’m starting to get the whole appeal again, and I’m tapping back into that curiosity that held me so tightly as a kid. Last year at the ripe age of 28, and saddled next to my husband, I got the nerve to watch The Evil Dead on Halloween. I almost had to quit about five times, but I pushed through.

I would like for 2015 to be about facing fears, even if I can’t conquer them. So, I am, with about 20 tons of trepidation, resolving to see the five classic, unedited horror movies, listed below. I will write about each one on this site, and in each individual piece I will go into why I selected it.

The Shining



Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th

P.S. My original idea was to just watch The Exorcist, that pop culture beacon of fear that pings out at all of us – WATCH ME WATCH ME! But I don’t think I can ever, ever watch that movie. So, not today, Satan.