We would love to have you contribute to i listen. i watch.

FIRST: If you haven’t already, please read our About page to understand our vision.

What gets you excited? What pulls you into a band’s or show’s orbit? We want to know. And here’s the thing about i listen. i watch. We don’t care whether you found a band first. We don’t care whether you watched a show when it first aired. Nor do we want to read biting sarcasm or detached irony — we already have Twitter.

The goal here is to discover and share what makes a person like what they like, not what makes a song or show “good” by itself. In our minds, art has no objective value — its value is its relationship with a listener or viewer. Tell YOUR story! We can’t wait to hear it.

Check out our guidelines below, and then use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Primarily, we are interested in commentary on music, television, and movies. However, boundaries are meant to be stretched. If you have a passionate pitch about a book, author, video game, etc., we are intrigued! As long as it aligns with our spirit of understanding an individual’s relationship with media, contact us!


Whatever it takes to get your point across clearly. We will probably work with you to break longer pieces into parts and publish them in a series.


Is your current fave a German band that’s not getting any attention? Did you just realize Nirvana was awesome? Do you have something important to say about Justin Bieber’s contribution to pop music? Maybe you’ve spotted a deep, existential theme in the films of Adam Sandler? Or there’s imagery you keep seeing in Walking Dead that you have found meaning in that no one else has written about. Genre and time doesn’t matter to us; your story does. Snobs need not apply!


Our only stipulation: You can be negative, but be thoughtfully negative, genuinely negative. Snark for snark’s sake can be found elsewhere 24/7.


Yeah, yeah, get to the good stuff! We are currently unable to pay writers because we are ad-free and paying out of pocket for hosting. This is a passion project! However, you can use your pieces published here to build your portfolio, and we would happily write you editorial references should we build a good relationship together.