ICYMI: Weekly Roundup

This week on iliw:

  • Amanda rounded up and ranked covers of John Denver’s “Country Roads”: “This song’s heart never changes, even when the lyrics and locations do. Home calls us back, and it’s a beautiful call.”
  • Kat recommended a lovely Nicole Atkins song for Tunesday: “Every time I listen to ‘Maybe Tonight,’ my heart transforms into a frantically gasping mandarin dragonet that plummets and splashes down into my abdomen. At that moment, everything around me blurs, and the only thing in comprehensible focus is the tantalizing vocals of Atkins.”
  • Jeremy wrote about Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs: The Suburbs, after all, often plays less like a music album for me and more like a photo album through which I can flip and revisit my past. The lyrics are stacked with images I know well, propped up by music with the appropriate shifting atmosphere (serenity, desolation, angst, beauty, safety).”

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