ICYMI: Weekly Roundup!

This week on i listen. i watch:

  • Amanda wrote about The Avett Brothers: “I had seen punk bands less energetic. I had seen church services less spiritual. What I realize now, what I was trying to push away then, was that the music of The Avett Brothers felt like home, and home wasn’t going to let me run away.”
  • Monika reflected on her first favorite song for Tunesday: “I don’t know why a mournful song hooked me as a kid. I didn’t think of it as sad at the time. I just liked the voice, the words, the melody. The whistling. I couldn’t sing, but I could whistle!”
  • Jeremy dove into Netflix Random again and watched Roy Colt and Winchester Jack: “Excuse me. Is that fellow making monkey sounds while shooting to pieces an old man’s wooden crutches? Yes, yes he is. Yeah, I’m definitely sticking with this movie.”

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