Jason’s 2015 Resolution – Revisit “OUAT” & “Resurrection”

Our site is based a lot on what we individually love and relate to. Of course, we all have pop culture we either hate (maybe even unreasonably) or don’t “get.”

So, we have all resolved to give something a second chance in 2015. As the year progresses, we will write updates on how these resolutions are going. (Read Kat’s resolution hereJeremy’s resolution here and Amanda’s resolution here.)

Jason – TV

When the subject of giving something or someone in entertainment another chance in the new year was presented to me I had to think about it for a minute. Usually when I’ve decided that I don’t like something I’m pretty definite and unyielding. However, for the sake of not being so pessimistic I’ve decided to give two shows a second chance:  Resurrection and Once Upon A Time.

ABC - Resurrection - OUAT

Now, since these shows currently air on ABC and are owned by the Walt Disney Co. it’s not that hard to imagine me changing my mind about them. So, torturous as it may be, I will eschew my prior convictions and force myself to watch them, thus giving Disney/ABC even higher ratings.

There are quite a few reasons why I began and stopped watching both series. However, so as to not sound too defamatory, I will not list the many reasons why. I will instead say that perhaps, possibly I may have given up on both shows too soon. But I will not watch any episodes of the Once Upon A Time spin-off Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. That show was awful and deserved to be canceled. One thing that both shows have in common that I do like are their great casts. The acting is superb, in fact I would watch Resurrection solely to see the great Veronica Cartwright. Sadly she hasn’t been on any episodes of the second season.

I just feel that there’s something lacking in both shows but I’m willing to forgo that assumption and give them both a second chance. After all, the people on Resurrection are being given a second chance at life in Arcadia and the people of Storybrooke on Once Upon A Time are getting a second chance to return to the land of fairy tales and… and I’m setting the DVR now.