Kat’s 2015 Resolution – Rebuild a “House of Cards”

Our site is based a lot on what we individually love and relate to. Of course, we all have pop culture we either hate (maybe even unreasonably) or don’t “get.”

So, we have all resolved to give something a second chance in 2015. As the year progresses, we will write updates on how these resolutions are going. (Read Jason’s resolution hereJeremy’s resolution here and Amanda’s resolution here.)

TV – Kat

My viewing resolution for 2015 is to give House of Cards (U.S. version) a second chance (sixth chance may actually be more accurate). I can’t really explain why House of Cards fails to command my attention (and I may need a therapist to explain it for me), but I have tried on numerous, futile occasions to watch this show.


Further pertaining to my botched watching for House of Cards, I don’t think it’s because this show is dull or poorly written. I’m sure it is an amazing show (or so I’ve heard in broken record fashion), and I realize the content might suit my interests. It could be that in my steadfast, stubborn head this show reflects and portrays too accurately the corruption and insanity that exists in our real world political system. THAT, I do find bothersome. I get frustrated daily with our corporate regulated government and depraved politicians. Do I really need to participate in fictional play to feel further defeated and irate about this matter?

Several of my immeasurably brilliant friends love House of Cards (although “love” somehow falters regarding their enthusiasm), and they’re not alone in their adoration. House of Cards has secured mass critical attention and praise. Still, I stumble on the first 3 minutes, and when I’m not spellbound in 4—I jet. Perhaps I simply need to make it to a patch of Robin Wright dialogue. She may be where the hypnotic element resides for me.

In the spirit of new beginnings, I resolve to set my rigid notions and feelings aside and give this show a go. I pledge to attempt to fix my eyes to Netflix, to land on House of Cards, to give Kevin Spacey steady, undivided consideration—and to sincerely give this show a fair best effort. Of course, I am probably going to have to approach this in a literal way. What glue adheres to eyeballs? Will any glue work? I’d prefer to have something that isn’t going to permanently damage my corneas. Or is House of Cards worth all that? Will my corneas acquire damage regardless? These may be the questions that ultimately deter me from watching this show, but I will certainly keep you posted on whether or not my willingness fades to a grumbly mumbled “I don’t wanna.” I have a year.