Tunesday: Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus”

It’s Tuesday so that means at, it’s Tunesday! Every Tuesday, we will share a song with you that we love and hope you will too.
For February, our Tunesday theme is HEART PUMPERS wherein we discuss songs that get our blood moving.

When it comes to sexy, I typically look no further than the mirror, but since it’s Tunesday and I’m not a song, I suppose I will select a ditty from the sexiest band in the universe—Depeche Mode. And from their catalogue of sexy tunes, I’ll pounce on the one that ardently revs.

“Personal Jesus” combines a swinging, bluesy riff with a deep, pounding reverberation of drums and Dave Gahan’s heavy baritone vocals to create a foolproof formula for sensual provocation.

Straight away, this song initiates stimulation with a chiming alarm which thrusts your heart toward a fast paced thirst that will persist until your blood rages and pumps in measure to quench it.

This song is holey denims, a rush of sandalwood and leather, a slightly unbuttoned flannel shirt, which reveals a tank top and beads of sweat on a gleaming sternum. Essentially, this song represents the kind of sacred chest against which you want to fix your tired, troubled head as you divulge your sins. There you will find passionate salvation in a private confessional guided by capable hands.

Lift up the receiver,
I’ll make you a believer.
I will deliver,
You know I’m a forgiver.

Of course, those hands will more than likely drive you to a cliff of adamant pleasure where the wheels of arousal spin madly and heave dust along a perpetual edge of naughty. The best you can do is close your eyes, have faith, and roll with it.

Any way you choose to receive it—live, acoustic, extended 12” vinyl, this song radiates the kind of a seductive flame that will sway you to reach out and touch it!

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