Tunesday: Mika – “Relax, Take It Easy”

The world spins madly for some (heaps) of us, and it seems especially so as of late. And perhaps this phenomenon and illusion of instability is more noticeable to me because I myself sharp-sail in a whacky, illogical, and unexplainable cyclone sea—all Choco-Willy style.

“What is this a freak out?!?”

Excellent question, Violet.

“Freak out” feels accurate and appropriate, as the punch-propelling entities in the water linger, and “they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing.”

Then add my addled brain to the equation of this spinning shift and things become observably different. My –ei was exchanged for an –ai and KAPOW—commence existential crisis in 3, 2…

Of course, they’re still bears. Those are bears, correct? Clearly, it isn’t Berenstain Baboons or Berenstain Badgers. So my defective brain gets some things right.

Still, I’m observing more than simple vowel exchanges, and there’s probably a logical explanation. It’s possible that I’m merely and unintentionally missing, forgetting, and partaking in basic human inaccuracy, because “oh yeah and DAMN, I’m a flawed, imperfect, and constructed-to-be-wrong being.” Thanks, Obamacare!

No seriously, thank you! Because thanks to you, there’s hope of me finding answers to a portion of my flaws and failures.

My world will not turn forever. I have zero control over this fateful fact. And between examination bed hurdles, during a relaxation session, as a stranger wiped away my tears, I figured out that I’m at my best and most peaceful when I unreservedly relinquish control.

So often I’ve asked—“How long ‘til my soul gets it right?

But more and more lately I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter.

I need to rotate with it, not against it, because there’s always going to be questions—well, until there isn’t.

I’m in good hands though, and I’ll heal one way or another. We all do. Until then, I choose to appreciate the finer things, because I have many fine things to appreciate, my friends, and even as my pipes rust, clog, fail, and burst, I shall work to internalize the repetitions of Mika. Join me!

—from Life in Cartoon Motion INDEED