Tunesday: Morrissey – I’ll Never Be Anybody’s Hero

Ed. note: It’s Tuesday so that means at, it’s Tunesday! Every Tuesday, we will share a song with you that we love and hope you will too. Today, Kat picks Morrissey!

Today’s pick, a song I love dearly, is inspired by something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

First, I feel compelled to give you a bit of background information on me. I don’t have any meaningful convictions or passionate curiosities concerning mystical or paranormal events, which lends to my very practical and often skeptical personality. I tend to think that supernatural and magical stories are just that, stories. Although I do find these stories to be entertaining, I feel that most incidents can be explained in some fashion, typically through science. Admittedly, my logical approach to life does not always shield me from anomalies or unexplained occurrences.

Having said that, here is what happened to me a few weeks back.

I was sitting comfortably in my chair, browsing through Netflix selections, when the ceiling fan turned itself on. Now, I should note that this is a normal occurrence, and it is really not all that uncommon for the ceiling fan and light in my bedroom to come on independently throughout the day. Anyway, the fan turned on, full spin – and I jokingly muttered aloud, “Not now, ghost!” while reaching for the fan remote to turn it off. Soon after, a frigid air occupied the room, and I became rapidly chilled to my bones. Again, I made nothing of this event. My chair sits still by the window, and I keep the curtains pulled back during the daylight hours in order to view the riveting Shenandoah river. Also, I should mention that it is January in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, which means wafts of polar wind are going to whip around every now and then.

Logically, my next step was toward the thermostat to knock the heat up a notch. During my time spent adjusting the temperature settings, my phone (located somewhere in my bedroom) unexpectedly began to hum a melodious song. My initial thought was – “Who is calling me?” I fondly recognized the sound coming from my phone, but knew for a fact that this tune is not stored as a potential ringtone there. Approaching my unaccompanied phone with confusion, I quickly realized that it had turned itself on and launched the Pandora app.

Today’s tune is either a distant, otherworldly request rolling in on the ripples of the Shenandoah – or an ill-functioning, human-made device belting in agony to its creator. Or it could be neither. Make of it what you will, but more importantly, enjoy the stunning vocal stylings of Morrissey!

Note – I think something visibly peculiar begins to happen at about 2:55 in this video. Coincidence?