Tunesday (Rocktober Edition): Cursive – “The Recluse”

It’s Tuesday so that means at, it’s Tunesday! Every Tuesday, we will share a song with you that we love and hope you will too.

It’s the first Tunesday of October! Rocktober?! Maybe not. Regardless, for the month of October, all Tunesdays will be tinged with creepiness. I haven’t even told the other writers this. SURPRISE!!! Let’s jump in.

I often catch myself saying things like “Nowadays, kids don’t…”

And that’s how I know I’m old. But alas.

Nowadays, kids don’t seem to have record label loyalty. Maybe this has more to do with the drastic music industry changes in the last decade than it does me being out of touch, or maybe it’s a sad combination of those two. But I remember being really into a few record labels in my day (good, God, grandma!). Sub-Pop and Saddle Creek were as important to me as the bands they put out. Remember when you got sampler CDs from labels? That was a thing, right? A record label would give you a disc with a few songs from a few of their lesser known artists. I had a Sub-Pop sticker for God’s sake. I didn’t put any band stickers on my binders, but I put a Sub-Pop one on there. (Then again, I also taped on a black and white picture of Buddy Holly to my English class binder, and this was in the early 2000s. So my coolness reliability is regrettably low.)

I found Cursive because of label loyalty. I had for one reason or another applied some allegiance to Saddle Creek, and with that, I found Cursive and the haunting weirdo that is Tim Kasher.

In “The Recluse,” a man lies in his short-time lover’s room and he loses himself into wondering about her. The lyrics of this song aren’t Halloween creepy, but they are depths of loneliness and desperation creepy. The music is terrifying. A soft female voice repeating “You’re in my web now”??????!!!! Heebie. Jeebies. Also, spider imagery. And, maybe, if you let yourself go while listening to it, you will feel that pit in the stomach fear about how your character flaws make you vulnerable to a poisonous seduction. BOO!!! Happy Rocktober!

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