Tunesday: The Avett Brothers – “Laundry Room”

For March, our Tunesday theme is: “In like a lamb, out like a lion” — songs that build to an awesome crescendo, vocally or musically

If I could find a version of “Laundry Room” with the music isolated from the vocals, I feel like it would sound just like March. It wisps back and forth like a breeze, starts melancholy and fat-full of haunting cello — you know, the way March mornings are still icy, reminding us that we are not entirely out of the Winter woods yet. The earth is working miracles right under its surface, but a snow storm could still drop like a hammer from the sky.

But, then that jig breaks out near the end, just like the sun on a clear March afternoon and everything heats up, and your eyes wander along the earth, spying shoots of daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and irises popping and exploding from the ground. Birds are everywhere, dotting the ever-greening landscape. March is a tip toe and then a full-on sprint toward spring.

Similarly, “Laundry Room” is a tip toe and then a full-on sprint toward revelry. As much as I love the lyrics, and as much as I could write an essay on those alone, today I want you to listen to this song (regardless if you have heard it 0 or 5,000 times before) and allow your ears to pull out just the music and imagine this tune as March in all of its slow-trotting lamb-gait and sprinting-lion glory.

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