Tunesday: The Beatles—“Let It Be”

For April, our Tunesday theme takes its cues from the opening lines of T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land.” The songs we pick will evoke melancholy or sadness but are also tinged with hope. In life, it is good to remember that while it may be raining on your dull roots, those droplets are stirring up blooms.

In our thoughts, we are completely and utterly unaccompanied. No one can hold our hand and roam those halls with us. Even when we are surrounded by people, side-by-side on sidewalks, pushing carts in aisles, touching on overcrowded transit systems, ticking in offices—we are apt to find ourselves alone. Certainly so, when we are struck by the lingering, discouraging mood of I can’t, I want to quit, I give up, where we settle on the thought that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with resignation. And we should quit the things that do not fit us, shouldn’t we? But as pertains to life—we should also recognize the ephemerality of this notion, concluding we have no choice but to hang in there and carry on.

But it’s hard to shake that weighty pounding in your chest that marks something askew in your life and begs urgency for solution. Clouds gathering overhead and a gentle rumble represent the unsettledness you feel on the inside. Then it rains.

I have been there.

And at those murky puddle points, when I have been sucked into the mud at the end of a “long and winding road,” lacking direction and hope, as my own light is pulled undertow and weakens, a particular song has always provided a guiding beacon on the sidelines.

“Let It Be” makes me cry every time but in a good way. It’s the kind of cry that brews and brims from stifled troubles, but when it bursts, it evolves and ends in a reassuring downpour of contentment. Because ultimately I know that everything is going to be okay.

When you need shelter and protection against life’s brutal gusts—I propose you live within and hold “Let It Be” like an umbrella. In every chord and McCartney line—you will feel the stress spring from your soul, as this song places its hands upon your shoulders to relieve your burdens and lift you so that you may “shine until tomorrow” and witness the clouds part in faith that “there will be an answer.”

And that answer is…

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