Wanna Split a Casserole? We Streamed “Bee and PuppyCat”

This month, we streamed the entirety of the Bee and PuppyCat web series. You can check it out on YouTube by clicking here.


“You took too long, now your candy’s gone. That’s what happened.”

Bee and PuppyCat Discussion, Game On!

The Kick Off

Kat: I am curious to hear what you guys thought of my pick. What were some of your initial thoughts? Don’t hold back, even if it made you gag and vomit like a bathhouse cat after witnessing a puppy-cat in feline, extended-leg, lick pose. I will not be offended AT ALL. Actually, that would probably amuse me more than a picturesque response, but I will accept either.

I suppose I should share why I selected this series. Honestly, it was completely random and ended up being a tossup between this and Gary Saves the Graveyard. Ultimately, I felt I had enough corpse business in my life already, so I went with what I felt would be the more bizarrely comforting of the two. Also, I should mention I love Adventure Time and Natasha Allegri, which may or may not have contributed to my decision. Okay, sure… I was probably going to watch this series anyway, so why not do it while head-locking a couple of my friends?

Amanda: I will admit I have never watched Adventure Time (forever on my Netflix list) and I have not heard Natasha Allegri’s name before. I also opted not to read the Wiki article for this series, though I did use it to help guide me through the episodes in the right order. My project manager pants were kind of tight over how unorganized the series is on YouTube. C’mon friends, link to the NEXT episode and clearly label what episode is what, omg. So, with that in mind, I didn’t like it at first. I kept trying to reopen my mind. I have a pretty bad habit of getting cranky about something right off the bat and finding things to support my brain’s thesis from there. I even paused early on, and I gave myself a pep talk. After that, I found myself enjoying it much more!

Jeremy: I really enjoyed this show. I too have never seen Adventure Time, nor heard of Natasha Allegri (my first thought was actually, “Natasha Leggero? Neat! Nope, I’m wrong”). This show’s absurdity is something I very much appreciate; in the service of comedy and a good time, I have no problem not understanding the world I’m watching. I did find myself having less fun as the series went on, though. Perhaps I just became more familiar with its world and the novelty wore off, but it seemed more that it was losing some of its weirdo energy in the later episodes. The show is at its best for me when it totters between everyday observational humor and absurdity. I get bored and distracted during the most anime-ish parts, like the dream sequences (I’ve never actually watched anime, so that might be a poor comparison).

Amanda: Y’all know me. Of course I had issues with not quite understanding this world. I got distracted wondering how old Bee is. Context tells me early 20’s, yes, but man why does she look 12? And who are these other characters that just show up? But I am proud of myself because though my annoyance Richter scale registered some shakes, no real damage was done. I’m glad you suggested it because it made me shake for a moment my incessant need to understand EVERYTHING and just be like WTFFFFF.

Running Plays and Passes

Kat: What did you think of Bee? Tell me all your thoughts on her. All I kept thinking was – Hannah Horvath. I’m assuming she’s twenty-something, she was fired from her job, eats all of the time (and all of the things, including fish pastries), hates water (isn’t opposed to a tongue bath though), eats in the bathroom (which is something that absolutely grosses me out, just finding a food wrapper in the bathroom disturbs me), she dumpster dives, she flushes canned food items, she doesn’t wash her hands after she’s been in the bathroom (no time) and so on. Essentially, this girl is an absolute mess. Wait, am I this girl? No, no… I definitely wash my hands.

Amanda: That Hannah Horvath comparison is dead on. I can’t stop thinking about that! But Hannah could never take care of another living thing (at least the Hannah I know, through Season 2, haha).

Kat: You’re right, I don’t think Hannah could take care of another living thing. Although, I wonder how well Bee is doing with that.

Jeremy: I had no idea who Hannah Horvath was until Amanda mentioned “Season 2,” and then I had this exact thought: “Wait, the girls from Girls have last names?”

Kat: “Wait, the girls from Girls have last names?” — haha, PERFECT. How would PuppyCat say that?

AmandaI oscillated wildly between thinking Bee’s voice performance was hilarious and annoying. I am still undecided. HOWEVER, she really entertained me.

Jeremy: I hate all bees, but I do love Bee. I landed on “hilarious” when it came to her voice, and especially enjoyed when it would falter at the end of some sentences (Deckard had some great moments like this too). Some of my favorite Bee moments are her interactions with Temp Bot (“magic pockets!”), whose inter-mouth travel sequences were delightful to me.

Kat: If you enjoyed Temp Bot (or this show in general), I highly recommend Adventure Time. I believe Temp Bot might be Beemo’s (BMO) cousin.


By the way, what the flip is a PuppyCat? It’s not the same as a catdog, correct??


He is however a space outlaw, pardon, The Space Outlaw. Is he Star-Lord? Aw-hell, I don’t know what a PuppyCat is… and now I’m singing this Martini Ranch song ’cause my brain is stuck on outlaws and “aw-hell.” Will one of you please explain what a PuppyCat is to me?

Jeremy: Among my sparse notes is my least sparse note: “Hey – space outlaw and space king’s daughter? That’s Spaceballs.” So maybe PuppyCat is Bill Paxton? No. Bill Pullman? Still, no.

Amanda: Um, I believe he looks like a cat and *sniff* smells like a dog. I kind of loved that crazy ambiguity, surprisingly. I feel like we have enough hints to *get* that he’s some strange cursed being, and I can accept that and enjoy him. Him? I guess. Are there genders when species are all mixed together under a curse?

Kat: And why does he need all of that dom-attire and weaponry?

Jeremy: The dom-attire and weaponry had me curious as well. There seem to be a lot of layers under PuppyCat’s puppy-cat exterior.

Amanda: The voice killed me. I laughed almost every time he spoke because it was just so crazy. I loved that we needed subtitles, but Bee understood him. Also, even magical PuppyCats are total cranky jerks just like real cats. His frown is our cat’s resting bitch face. Dead on.

Jeremy: I did enjoy the way PuppyCat speaks. In particular, I noticed that occasionally he will say things that don’t match, but comedically translate to, the subtitles (e.g., in Ep. 2, “poo poo” is translated to “fertilizer”). Mostly, though, I was distracted by how very much the voice was making me think of Fi from Skyward Sword.

Kat: Could one of you (both perhaps) please explain the cleavage obsessed crab? I get the cleavage obsession. I GET IT. But what the heck was up with that crab? He was taking it too far. Are all crabs like that? What has been your experience with this? Also, please tell me what beach you’re going to.

Amanda: I have no idea what that was, and I did NOT LIKE IT.

Jeremy: “Homie. Hooooomie.” (I took really detailed notes. This was one of them, doubled.) Things like this made the show for me. I enjoy a good “why does this keep happening? no, no don’t tell me why, that’ll ruin it” joke. If it had happened just once or twice, it might have fallen flat for me, but I thought they pushed it far enough to get me giggling at the goof.

Kat: What do you make of the farting ladybug’s spotlight soliloquy? “I’ve been left behind. I’m all alone. Am I not good enough!?” I tend to think the ladybug dude, like PuppyCat, is cursed. He’s actually Nicolas Cage trapped in a ladybug body.

Amanda: I loved him. I also loved the cicada. If the ladybug is Nicolas Cage, does this finally make all the sense? Do bees eat ladybugs?

Kat: Come on, anything with Nicolas Cage makes all the sense. And I will see your Nicolas Cage clip and raise you one ladybug-wasp story.


Jeremy: May I share one more complex note? Here: “omg the ladybug.” He was amazing, one of a handful of laugh-out-loud moments for me. Serious question for the group to consider: Does only PuppyCat hear other creatures speak, or does everybody? It’s always PuppyCat holding them — the ladybug, the cicada, the homie crab — when we first hear them talking. If only PuppyCat hears them, will that be a meaningful piece of his ongoing story, or is it just a vehicle for new jokes each episode? A really fun trope.

Kat: Yes, I think so. Although, it is also quite possible that Bee is too self-absorbed and oblivious to notice. Remember in “Cats” when PuppyCat felt betrayed, and he made this woofer vibration sound? What does betrayal sound like for you? For me, it’s the sound of intestines getting twisted and wrung out into a metal basin.

JeremyI hope they keep playing with what sounds PuppyCat makes; that could be a treasure trove of fun. For me, betrayal sounds like losing a life in Super Mario Bros.

Amanda: Betrayal sounds like Nickelback to me.

Touch Down (with an excessive celebration, spiking the ball toward you folks, and final thoughts)
PENALTY! (Also, I don’t know jack about football, and I don’t know jack. Obvi!)

Kat: Cat Head planet — with the bathhouse and all of those dubious, Cheshire grins was a freakin’ nightmare. Please tell me you’re both with me on this one.

Amanda: I screen grabbed those cats because it creeped me out so badly. HATE.


JeremyI stand firmly in defense of the denizens of Cat-Head Planet and all of their rounded features and Simpsons-esque faces. (In fact, I stand firmly in defense of all of the rounded roundedness of this entire show. Very pleasant.) I kept replaying the part where a cat casually smushes Bee‘s face with his paw because it tickled me so.

KatOn Pretty Patrick Lunch Time – did that remind anyone else of this? And was I the only one singing, “PuppyCat, PuppyCat, what are they feeding you?” … you too, right?

JeremyI was not singing, “PuppyCat, PuppyCat, what are they feeding you?” but I am now, and wondering how something so obvious passed me by.

Amanda: The farmer randomly offended me?

JeremyI did think the farmer was a little creepy, but overall I really enjoyed that whole scene and his tremendously rounded farm animals. But also, check THIS out: I took a gander at the casts for each episode, and did you know that the farmer was played by Stephen Root? National hero, that guy.

Overtime/Final Thoughts

AmandaI did laugh aloud several times, and overall this was a lot of fun, especially since the entirety consumed less than hour of my life. To be honest, though, I probably wouldn’t have kept watching it after the first video if it weren’t for this piece. I just didn’t enjoy the show enough to get truly invested.

JeremyI don’t think I’m very invested in the overarching storylines — is PuppyCat the space outlaw? will he get vengeance? will Bee ever get a real job on Earth? will Deckard go to culinary school? what’s the deal with that girl he lives with? is that his sister? is that strange boy who fixed Bee‘s toilet really her landlord? — but I do like the idea of the series continuing as a “What wacky adventure will they get into THIS week?” type of Scooby Doo non-serial. I’d like to see Bee‘s and Deckard’s relationship continue on an endless we’re-too-awkward-to-make-anything-happen path, and mostly I’d like to see what task Temp Bot assigns Bee and PuppyCat next.

Kat: AMEN! I would be into that. Yeah, I’m not crazy-invested in this show, even though I did thoroughly enjoy it (dig bizarre, had several hearty chuckles, and like Jeremy, appreciated the attention to detail on those fun, little things). I think it’s a solid web series. Still, it’s not a show that I HAVE to watch, but I will definitely continue to follow when I remember to do so. *Update* – I just rewatched all of the episodes, and I had a complete change of heart. I LOVE this show… and that love may now be bordering on obsession. I’m invested and will continue to watch.

AmandaMy favorite thing of all was the way they animated/drew characters blushing. It was just cute and stuck with me.

KatFor some reason the eyebrow animation stood out to me. How did I completely overlook and forget to mention Cardamon (and his “sleeping” mother)? What a strange and fabulous kid… he is my favorite!


Well folks, I have rather enjoyed this couch session with you. To quote Bee – “I like that we like the same show, PuppyCat.”

Come back next month for another We Streamed It discussion!