We Want You!

Hi, Friends.

We are looking for new contributors to the site. We are a small, supportive group, and if you’ve ever considered writing for the site, please know that we want you! NOT IN A WEIRD WAY.

What gets you excited? What pulls you into a band’s or show’s orbit? We want to know. And here’s the thing about i listen. i watch. We don’t care whether you found a band first. We don’t care whether you watched a show when it first aired. Nor do we want to read biting sarcasm or detached irony — we already have Twitter.

The goal here is to discover and share what makes a person like what they like, not what makes a song or show “good” by itself. In our minds, art has no objective value — its value is its relationship with a listener or viewer. Tell YOUR story! We can’t wait to hear it.

Want to contribute, but you don’t know where to start? Try these recurring features:

  • In Love Story, we encourage you to tell the story behind your favorite music, television show, or movie. Examine your favorites through the lens of your own life and don’t worry about justifying if something is good. Check our archived Love Stories for inspiration.
  • In Tunesday, simply pick a song you want to share and tell us why. Previous Tunesdays are here.

Maybe you have a singular idea or a new column or a new series to propose. Seriously, we want to hear it!

You can check out our submission guidelines here, and be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.